Restaurant furniture - Curacao – Franks Spullen


What do we offer for a restaurant? 

At Franks Spullen we've got the biggest collection restaurant furniture of the island. Brands like Satelliet and DeArend are always in stock. We also have got Werzelit table toppings, RVS table legs, plates, cutlery and more!  Most of it is second-hand, but still in good state! On this website, most of our offer is displayed. But we've got more! Come on over and visit our store in Salina to see everything we've got!

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Do you need something new?

Need something we don't have (or new?)? Then we can help you out with a custom made order via our restaurant partner Euroseat in the Netherlands. They can order everything you want with (among others) restaurant suppliers like DeArend and Sateliet. 

The advantage of doing new business via Franks Spullen, is that we can make you a deal concerning your old furniture. We deliver you new items and take away the old items straight away. This way you've got a full package deal and can turn your restaurant in a new place in just 1 day!