Online webshop - hoe werkt het? – Franks Spullen

Online shop - how dows it work?

Thank you for visiting our webshop!
How does it work and what is our policy? 

1. You request an order

In this webshop, you request an order. After your order, we contact you to discuss how you would like to pay and whether you come on over to pick it up or have chosen delivery.  In that case we discuss the delivery possibilities and make an appointment. 
We have chosen to work this way, since we sell the same items both online and offline. We want to make sure we still have everything in stock before you pay for your order. 

Our business days are Tuesday through to Saturday. When you order between saturdayevening and monday evening, we'll contact you Tuesday about the follow-up. 

2. Payment

Payment is made after we contacted you about the order. Payment is possible: 

  • In our store - Swipe with normal Maestro card (no Credit cards or KL)
  • In our store - Cash
  • By bank tranfer to our MCB account, name Franks Spullen, address Architectenweg 5. 

After we've received your payment, your order is completed. 

3. Delivery

In case you have chosen delivery during checkout, we contact you to make a delivery appointment. Our delivery days are tuesday and saturday. We will never show up without an appointment. We will only deliver after payment of the order. 

4. Pick-up

It is possible to pick-up the order yourself. Please be aware we can't store item longer than a week. You can pick up the items after payment. 

5. Cancelation by you

You may cancel an order during our first contact.
However, once we've come to an agreement concerning payment and delivery, your order status is 'confirmed' and you are obliged to pay and receive the items. 

6. Cancelation by Franks Spullen

We will cancel the order if: 

  • We can not contact you within 3 days after your order
  • You do not pay the order within 3 days
  • You do not pick-up paid for items within a week. In that case we will return your money minus 10% administration- and storage fee 

in our 'day-count'  we do not include sunday and monday since we're closed on those days.

7. Quality

We do our best to inform you as good as possible concerning the quality of the (second-hand) items. Please have a good look at the pictures since the'll show any damages. 

Although we inform you as good as possible, please take into account that most of our items are second hand. This means they will most likely have some scrathes and damages. We do our best to select the best items for you and will (of course) not deliver you any broken items.
If you want to be 110% sure, please come on over to our store and have a look at the items for yourself. 
We can not accept any returns because of spots and scratches since that comes with second-hand items. 

8. Returns

Only broken or incomplete items can be returned. We'll look for a suitable solution for you. Replacement, reparation or, last case, money back. . 
Please let us know within 24 hours after delivery that the item is broken. You can do so via e-mail (, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Chat or in our store. 
In case of pick-up we can only accept broken items in case they were still new in box, since we did not have any influence on the transportation proces.